Cinematic Design Kickstarter

Walid Feghali · July 27, 2020

Welcome to the Cinematic Design Kickstarter Course!

These lessons are excerpts from the Cinematic Design course.

Before you dive in, let us quickly tell you what you can expect inside. This free course contains valuable fundamental knowledge sourced from our flagship courses—allowing you to attain knowledge about the fields you are interested in, and get a feel for our way of teaching, without having to part with a single dollar. 

In this course, you will find introductory training in central design principles, a look into Walid’s setup, photoshop for concept artists, and more. If you want to dive deeper and enjoy the full course experience, check out the rest of our courses.

Here's What You'll Learn

This module includes an explanation of my tools and setup, as well as a crash course in Photoshop for concept artists. 

In this module from Cinematic Design, you will learn about some of the most crucial and important principles when it comes to design and visual art.

In this part of the course, we have gathered some recommended watching from my content archives, that will help you gain an insight into my workflow, important principles, and mindsets around art.

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About Instructor

Walid Feghali

Co-founder of Evenant, Walid is a composer, mechanical engineer, concept artist and entrepreneur from Sweden. Travelling and exploring new opportunities, always looking for new things to learn and create.

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