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At Evenant, we’re empowering a new generation of artists and creators with the tools to boost their skills in music and art creation, and to transform their art into a profitable + fulfilling career. 

Our world-class courses taught by industry professionals, mixed with a cutting edge online community platform and a supportive network of fellow creators and industry peers makes Evenant the #1 place for modern creatives to turn their passion into a living.

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Meet the creative minds behind Evenant

walid and arn
The year is 2015. Two young Scandinavian creators & entrepreneurs Walid Feghali & Arn Andersson meet at a composer meet-up in Berlin. Both share the same passion for travelling the world while creating music and art in the industry, and teaching others to do the same.

They also share their frustrations about the outdated creative education… how much time and money they’ve both spent learning how to turn their passion into a sustainable career, and how they dream of offering a modern day creative platform that doesn’t just teach text book theory…

Level Up Your Skills With our In-depth Courses

Whether you’re a professional wanting to become a world-class cinematic composer working with Hollywood’s elite, or just starting out and simply wanting to turn your ideas into stunning concept art—we’ve got you covered! Our courses are taught by industry professionals, and offer a unique and powerful practical approach to learning music and art creation.

Evenant is built by artists,
for artists

We’re a team of creators, innovators and nomadic entrepreneurs who’ve forged our own path in the industry, achieved great success, and have helped thousands of our students do the same, all while travelling the world and breaking all the so-called “rules”.

From catching up through international meet-ups, celebrating Christmas, traveling, seeing live shows and going on hikes—Evenant is more than just an online school, it’s a community… 

Join A Thriving Community

The Evenant Community currently consists of over 300,000 aspiring creatives, as well as full time professionals. In the community you can:

  • Ask questions about your course content inside the designated Groups
  • Enter the brand new Forums and discuss everything between art, music, programs, business, tips and tricks, gear, and libraries
  • Ask for help and feedback when you need it, and learn from others
  • Share your work and lessons learned, and help others excel at their craft as well
  • Get advice from professionals in the industry and learn from their mistakes and expertise

Words From Our Students

With thousands of enrolled students from over 100 different countries, Evenant is a diverse learning community. Our students have gone from beginners to landing their dream job and beyond. Here are some of their words: 


Learn the tools you need to become a professional composer and sound designer for trailers, film & games.


Create incredibly realistic and fantastical worlds through environment art, character, and 3D art & design.


We empower creatives through educational content (articles, tutorials, interviews, reviews, and video walkthroughs), a thriving global community, and in-depth courses in music, design, and film. Search through our complete content library for hundreds of articles and tutorials.

Interested in working with us?

We are always on the lookout for talented course authors, teachers, developers, creators, and everything in-between. 

Drop us a message, let us know your story and how you’d like to be a part of the Evenant team!