Create Insane Concept Art With Blender (Beginner’s Guide)

3D Art using blender

Concept Art With Blender

Are you an artist who ever wanted to learn 3D and wondered how you could create concept art with Blender and Photoshop?

3D is an amazing tool for artists and illustrators. Most importantly, you can tweak your lighting, camera, compositions, texturing and so much more as a starting point for your illustrations. Moreover, I’ve used it for my concept art and illustrations for over a decade now with many different softwares, and now there’s an amazing software called Blender, which is completely for free.

It might seem daunting and complex, but it really doesn’t have to be. As a tool for art, it just needs to look good.

This video will cover how I start with a general idea inside Blender, then adding textures, creating atmospheric perspective, adding small objects, lighting and environment HDRI, and finally rendering it out to paint in Photoshop. In essence, you will be amazed how useful it can be for your artworks, and how much your concept art and illustrations will improve if you learn this.

Concept Art With Blender: The Final Result

Video Tutorial

In the video below, we’ll learn an awesome workflow on how to create an epic landscape in Blender and paint over it in the end. Check it out:

This painting is the final result from my upcoming course 3D For Artists: Concept Art Workflow For Artists & Absolute Beginners.

In conclusion, I’m absolutely sure you will benefit heavily with your concept art from learning and using 3D, so don’t miss the limited spots for this upcoming beginner’s course! Head on over to the waitlist page to get notified as soon as it’s out in September.

In the 3D For Artists course you’ll start your journey learning Blender with other artists, how to use 3D as an artist, how to set up your scenes and compositions, lighting, HDRI, texturing, modeling, creating assets, rendering and even painting over your renders in the very end. Hope to see you in there.

Stay creative, artists!
Walid Feghali

Interested? Jot down your info below and I’ll let you know when the gates open, and save a spot for you!

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