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Trailer Music Analyzed: Behind the Process of Outlaw

On our latest Evenant trailer music tutorial, we invite composers David Yousefi and Rene Osmanczyk to dive deeper into their process behind this epic, western-styled trailer piece titled “Outlaw”. This is a really unique trailer track, in that it not only serves a very particular niche, it superbly stands out on its own with amazing sound design and vocal elements. It’s a well-thought out, properly spaced out piece of music that’s very marketable and amazing to listen to on repeat several times.

You’ll definitely pick up and learn a few things in this tutorial, where both David and Renee take their time in explaining every bit of nuance embedded within the cue.

So make some time, strap in, and check it out!

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David Yousefi & Rene Osmanczyk

David Yousefi & Rene Osmanczyk

David Yousefi is a German composer who studied Music for Films and Games at the College of Music in Berklee. He loves the art of production and synthesis and has worked on featured films, games as well as plenty TV ads and is currently working on writing Trailer music together with Rene Osmanczyk who is his friend and business partner. Rene Osmanczyk born in Germany, started playing the piano when he was seven. He also plays cello, guitar and sings. He studied Composition for Film & Theatre at the Conservatory in Arnhem. He loves writing orchestral pieces with a big focus on strings. He started to work Films, Games, TV Ads and Trailers, together with David Yousefi since they compliment each other perfectly.