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Three Tips To Boost Your Productivity

We all have only 24 hours in our day. However, certain people manage to spend that time better than others. This is one of the reasons successful people are successful. They manage to get more done in less time than the average human. If you want to reach your goals and succeed in business and life, it’s imperative that you work on increasing your productivity. Here are three of my tips on how you can get more done in less time, and get closer to your goals every day.

Set Up 3 To-Do Items list

1. Set Up 3 Important To-Do Items Every Day


This was a game changer for me: Set up only three, though important, to-do items every day. I remember reading about this tip in the 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss, and it was incredible how much it boosted my daily productivity. Before that, I used to have pages long to-do lists that just seemed to build and build every day, and I didn’t really feel I got the most out of my days. However, by setting up 3 important tasks every day, and executing them every day – I could finally visibly see my business and life moving forward at a daily pace.

I was suddenly able to effectively go from point to point on the list every day, without spending time and effort on figuring which of the 15 to-do tasks to tackle next. I started to focus fully on the things that actually mattered, the three top tasks that actually made a significant difference. But best of all, is the amazing feeling of looking at a totally empty to-do list at the end of each day, and not a never ending and growing list of items of varying importance. Narrowing down my lists to 3 items, though 3 extremely important items with high impact, finally made me able to truly boost my productivity and get more done every day.

Do the most important things first

2. Do the most important things first


This one is extremely important. Make it a habit to tackle the heaviest tasks during your first 3 hours or so after waking. This is usually when your brain can handle heavy work at it’s best, and you’ll get the most out of your time. I also highly recommend to do daily things like workouts, reading and meditation sessions as early as possible. I find it that if I push these things to later in the day, they usually end up not being done, because simply life happens and things comes up. The only way I am able to stick to my workout/meditation/reading routines, is to tackle them early in the day. Also, it’s an amazing feeling when you’re able to sit there at 2pm, being done with working out, reading, meditation and your most important work tasks – in contrast to just chasing your own tail around day after day.

Work focused for 30 minutes every morning

3. Work focused for 30 minutes every morning


Something that became a game-changer when I wrote my first ebook, was that i started to write for 30 minutes in the morning before breakfast. I put on a timer, turned off my internet, put my phone on silent, and worked focused for 30 minutes straight, every day. Then I had breakfast and continued my day like normal, carrying out all my other activities. Doing this was the only way for me to actually be able to work on longer projects, like an ebook, every day. If I didn’t do it in the morning, telling myself “I’ll work on it later today”, it usually never got done. I’ve used this technique later as well, whether it was working on musical projects or other long term tasks where steady work over time is the only way to get done. It worked amazingly for me, cause even though I lacked motivation in the beginning, things started to take shape at rapid speed since I was writing focused for 3.5 hours every week. This was a huge motivation that gave me more momentum, and made it a lot more fun to work on the projects. Try it out and see if it works for you!

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Arn Andersson is a Norwegian musician, traveler and creative educator that aspires to empower creatives to produce better art, live better lives and make a living from their passion as the co-founder of Evenant. He has worked remotely across nearly 30 countries on his nomadic workstation while providing music for various ad campaigns, video games, a Lionsgate film, and trailer campaigns like Lady and the Tramp, Lego Movie, Cold Pursuit, and Welcome To Marwen. He’s also been a collaborator on tracks for renowned artists such as The Metropole Orkest and Hardwell.

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