$180,000 (and counting!) from an anonymous side project with zero advertising and a handful of tracks.
Here’s exactly how we did it. 


Navigate the Business of Licensing, Income Streams and Maximize the Revenue from your Tracks.


Wield the Tools and Techniques you can use to Consistently Create Music Mixes worthy of the Big Screen.


Learn What Editors Are Looking For, Mistakes that get Tracks Rejected, and Write Licensable Tracks in ANY style.

Music Licensing Mastery is the culmination of all our Techniques, Methods and Principles behind the hundreds of placements in Hollywood Trailers, TV-Series, Video Games, and Millions of Dollars in revenue

After a decade in this industry and over 200 Placements in campaigns like Star Wars, Avengers, Fortnite, Battlefield, and Call Of Duty, we break down everything we’ve learned along the way. 

From the reasons why some tracks get rejected and others get licensed repeatedly, to how you can get into the business, and create a Snowball Effect of ever-growing Revenue Streams

Are you ready?

“The principles you’ll learn in this course are invaluable.”

“This took me from having music as a hobby, to landing my first licenses, and making an actual living from my music. There’s no one I trust more in this world than Joshua and Arn to share how all this works.

The principles you’ll learn in this course are invaluable, I use them daily with great success. Thank you so much!” – Michael Giffone, Music Producer

Who We Are

We’re Joshua Crispin and Arn Andersson, together we’ve got over a decade of experience in this industry and have had our music featured in everything from Hollywood movie trailers, video games, and advertisement campaigns, to releases with world class orchestras and DJ’s.

For the past 3 years we’ve worked closely together on a multitude of projects, and we’d like to pass down all the invaluable lessons we’ve learned in our careers through both trial and error as well as amazing mentors in order to help others entering this industry. 

Learn from our wins, avoid our mistakes. 

A Music Business Course Like No Other

 This program is the most comprehensive guide ever made on How to write Highly Licensable Music in any genre, understand the Industry in detail, avoid detrimental mistakes, and all the ways you can Monetize your Music.

Keep in mind, this has been no overnight success.
In the beginning we were totally clueless.

A lot of our mistakes could have been easily avoided.
We reveal all of it in this program. 

In This Program, You Will Discover

What you get in this Course Package

The Case Study

From Zero To 6 Figures: A Case Study

One of the highlights of this course is our case study on how we took an anonymous side project from scratch, to earning 6-figures in less a year. 

In that year alone, our tracks generated over $140,000 in revenue, without any marketing or really a lot of effort. These were so easy to make, you won’t believe it!

No marketing, no existing names attached, no extreme hours… 

Simply focusing on quality music, and staying true to the 7 pillar framework we break down in these videos. 

We’ll also break down all the best performers and dissect what they have in common, look at the issues with the least successful, and show you the most important takeaways.


Your Journey Through The Course

Module 1: Introduction To The Industry

In this module, we'll break down how the music industry works, understanding your role in it, the main difference between commercial releases and music for sync, and our 7 pillar framework for making your tracks fit for licensing.

You'll also learn about who we are, why we made this course, what it will help you achieve, and give you all the tools needed to create licensable tracks.

Week 1

Module 2: Why Your Tracks Aren’t Licensing

In this module, we break down the 7 biggest reasons why your tracks aren’t licensing, covering issues and mistakes across both the writing, arranging, mixing and delivery of tracks that is guaranteed to make your track perform poorly or get rejected entirely. 

We'll also cover grave mistakes that are easy to make even after a track is submitted and even picked to be licensed, that can cost you the placement entirely!

The objective of this module is to give you a deep understanding of what makes a track licensable, which mistakes to avoid at all costs, and how to identify them in your work. 

Module 3: Making Your Tracks Licensable

In this next module, we'll look at specific steps you can take to make your tracks super licensable, regardless of genre.

We'll look at making your tracks super editing-friendly, Sync friendly compositions & arrangements, Track structures that editors will love, Effective, clean and powerful orchestrations, Choosing right samples & sound design, Mixing and production, Stemming, metadata and organization.

You’ll also get a look into several great performing licensing tracks across many different genres, seeing how universal these principles are, and learning how to apply them in your own work.

Module 4: Sync Music In Practice

This module is filled with practical tips and tricks, specific techniques, as well as multiple track breakdowns across multiple genres reinforcing what we’ve learned in the previous modules. 

There will be breakdowns of successful tracks that have been licensed in commercials, movie trailers and even in video games like Fortnite, a breakdown of our tools and plugins, mixing philosophy, sound design process, live recording of instruments, and so much more. 

This is a module packed with practical tips to help you take your music and workflow to a new level.

Module 5: Insights From the Industry

In this module, we’ll be discussing pivotal lessons learned throughout our years in the industry, mistakes made, the biggest factors contributing to our success, time management and organization, lifestyle and health, and business and monetization.

It’s an in depth conversation getting into what we wish we could go back and tell ourselves when we started out, and things we wish we knew earlier. 

Bonus Content Included

Bonus #1: Licensing Toolkit

For this course, we’ve assembled a monumental 6GB Sample pack consisting of some of the best samples and sound design we’ve made in the past years, and that we find ourself using day in and out. You’ll find these samples all over the tracks we’re breaking down in the course.

Value: $99

Bonus #2: Orchestral Sketching

In this Evenant staple, you’ll learn Arn’s unique method of creating amazing orchestral pieces in no time. This course will take you through the process of crafting your own orchestral sketch template, picking the right libraries and sounds, as well as processing them to sound awesome right out of the box. So that you can just input your melodies, chords, and background elements and get solid sounding mockups in a matter of minutes.

This is the framework Arn’s used to create most of the tracks in the case study, and a big reason for his workflow speed. 

Value: $249

Bonus #3: Workshop Bundle

These two workshops are focusing on mastering the underlying principles that will allow you to craft powerful orchestrations in any style and instrumentation, and crafting a wall of sound, eradicating muddy and imbalanced arrangements, while breaking out of the “loop stage” and easily crafting engaging, powerful track structures that keep the listener’s attention. These principles are absolute cornerstones in the workflow behind the tracks in this course. 

Value: $199

Bonus #4: Document Templates

Another sweet bonus is the document templates we’re supplying in the course, which includes a PRO/Sync split template in google sheets to manage the info of all writers, PRO info, track details, BPM’s and more that you need to have documented for each track you create. We’ve also supplied some standard work for hire contracts etc for when you’re hiring musicians to work on your tracks. 

Bonus #5: Industry Guide

Confused about what mechanical royalties, performance rights, and master vs publishing copyright means? Do you think neighboring rights are the city laws governing when your nextdoor house has to be quiet at night? 

Don’t worry, we got you. We’ve assembled a guide breaking down all the usually confusing and boring jargon and terminology, as well as how all of these things work in simple terms. It’s an essential read if you want to make sure you don’t miss out on royalties and income streams most people don’t even know about!

Evenant Student Testimonials

A Diverse Community

With thousands of enrolled students from over 100 different countries, Evenant is a diverse learning community. Our students have gone from beginners to landing their dream jobs and beyond. Here are some of their words:

Some Important Words…


  This goes without saying, but music licensing is no get-rich-quick scheme, and neither is this course. 

Like with anything, improvement and results in this field requires hard work, determination and patience. 

That said, we believe there is a huge difference between putting in hard work in the wrong areas and making mistakes and getting discouraged, vs ensuring your efforts are going in the best places by listening to advice from mentors. 

There are so many mistakes we could have avoided if we knew the information we’ve put in this course earlier, and we’ve worked really hard to ensure it’s the most comprehensive and valuable resource possible for producers like yourself. 

Hence, our promise…


Evenant 21-Day Guarantee

Love the course or don’t pay, it’s that simple.

We don’t want any unhappy students. If we didn’t meet your expectations, get in touch within 14 days of purchase, and we’ll give you every penny back – no questions asked. 

But we’re so confident you’re gonna dig the program, we’re willing to take that risk. You can even keep the downloads.

If you’re for some reason unhappy, get in touch within 14 days and we’ll issue you a refund and even let you keep the bonuses. 

So, see you on the inside?
Read full return policy.

Evenant Music

Course launches Friday May 5th 6PM CET (9AM PST)!

Arn Andersson Course Author

Arn Andersson

Course Author

Arn Andersson is a Norwegian musician, traveler and creative educator that aspires to empower creatives to produce better art, live better lives and make a living from their passion as the co-founder of Evenant.

He has worked remotely across nearly 30 countries on his nomadic workstation while providing music for various ad campaigns, a Lionsgate feature film, music libraries, and trailer campaigns like Lady and the Tramp, Lego Movie, Cold Pursuit, and Welcome To Marwen.

He’s also been a collaborator on tracks for artists such as The Metropole Orkest, Big Time Rush and Hardwell, and continue to work with artists in LA.

Joshua Crispin

Course Author

Joshua Crispin is a music producer, composer and sound designer hailing from the sunny east coast of Australia. For over 10 years he has dedicated himself to writing music for movie trailers, tv commercials and recording artists. His work has been featured in 100s of projects, including Star Wars, Transformers, Avengers, Fortnite, Jumanji, and many more… 

Joshua is also the co founder of the publisher Pacon Music Group, which is a publishing company in partnership with Bill Silva Entertainment and administered by Kobalt; They strive to create music with unique and talented artists that utilizes synch licensing to promote careers without compromising the artistry.


Is this course only for a specific genre or style of music?

Music Licensing Mastery will teach you highly universal and timeless principles, techniques and methods for creating licensable, powerful and professional sounding tracks in any genre

Sync music, or the industry as a whole, features music from any genre, because of all the use cases.

The examples in this course are everything from Hip Hop and Rock, to Orchestral and Sound Design.

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own. 

Together with our Evenant course mentors, we monitor the private student groups and make sure to see to it that everyone is on track and give pointers along the way. If you have any questions, you will be able to post your questions in the group, and our mentors will answer them as soon as possible. 

Our student groups are also a community effort so students can support each other. 

This course is for any composer and music producer who wants to get their music licensed in TV shows, Commercials, Films, Games, Trailers, YouTube – basically any platform where music is used. You can even get your tracks placed in airplanes, Theme Parks, Corporate videos – you name it.

We assume you already are decently proficient in creating tracks, but we will help you get those tracks ready for sync, so you can finally monetize your music and reach your true potential as a music producer.

This course is not intended for people who have never used a DAW or sample libraries before, and have never attempted to make their first tracks on a computer. 

Basic knowledge of recording, and using sample libraries are highly recommended to get the most out of the course. If the complete essentials are needed, we have a whole roster of courses in music production, orchestration, mixing, you name it. But if you are ready to take your tracks to the big screen, and start earning some serious income, this course is the perfect place to start.

Yes! This course assumes that you have a basic understanding and experience creating and finishing songs. It has a lot of music creation procedures, techniques and walkthroughs, however, this course won’t teach you the fundamentals of creating or producing music. The focus is on creating highly licensable tracks, the industry, monetizing your music and much more.

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy, and we don’t want your money. We value our students, and only want happy learners in our courses. It’s honestly the best for everyone. So if for any reason you are not happy, reach out to us within 21 days of purchase, and we will refund you every single penny of the course price.

We will be offering a Mentorship option to this course. This starts June 1st 2023 and lasts for 3 months. This is for those who want more feedback, live Zoom calls in a group setting, accountability, ability to ask questions and followup, a support group, and more perks than simply taking the self-paced foundation course. 

You will receive guidance for your career aspirations. You’ll get personal feedback from our course tutors, in a private, and focused setting that revolves around you and your goals.

Contact for more information on this mentorship program.