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How a chance meeting of two creators resulted in a thriving online community of more than 300,000 creatives globally…

The year is 2015. Two young Scandinavian creators & entrepreneurs Arn Andersson & Walid Feghali meet at a composer meet-up in Berlin. Both share the same passion for travelling the world while creating music and art, and teaching others to do the same. They also share their frustrations about the outdated creative industry…. how much time and money they’ve both spent learning how to turn their passion into a sustainable career, and how they dream of offering a modern day creative platform that doesn’t just teach text book theory…

Fast forward a couple months later, Arn & Walid find themselves on the sunny Thai island of Koh Lanta. In June 2015, amongst the shade of the palm trees, these two creators work hard on making content, building a website & discussing strategies to bring their vision to life.

It’s here that Evenant is born, created out of the passion and mission to change the world & inspire a new generation of modern creators and thinkers across all creative fields and industries.

Evenant offers real education taught by experience, not just theory, in a completely customizable and accessible platform. We bring every aspect of the industry together – from upskilling your art, to mastering business skills, your health & mindset, and even connecting creators to industry opportunities – to provide one holistic centerfield of productivity and synergy for artists. It’s no longer a zero sum game…

Pretty cool right?

Walid Feghali

Walid Feghali

CEO & Co-Founder of Evenant, Composer, Graphic Artist, Mechanical Engineer

“Everyone says you should do what you love, but no one teaches you how…”

Hey everyone! I’m Walid Feghali, Composer, Designer, Mechanical Engineer, CEO & Co-Founder of Evenant.


My journey begins in Gothenburg, Sweden. Growing up I was always very creative. From experimenting with chemistry, astronomy, playing and composing music, to painting my own comics, making concept art and designs for my schools, foraging wild edibles and building shelters in the forests of Sweden – you name it. Creativity, art and science have always been my passions.


Back then, it didn’t seem “realistic” that I could actually make money off my art. The adults & “career counsellors” were saying that you should “do what you love”, but when it came to the “how”... no one had any answers. 


And the rest kept telling me I should stick to something more “secure”.


So I continued creating as a hobby and chose to pursue a more “realistic” degree in mechanical engineering. Hey, I love science, so why not?


It was while I was in my 2nd year of University that things really started to shift.


Throughout my time studying Engineering, I was sharing my music and art on Youtube, DeviantArt, Facebook, and so on. Well, those posts attracted a little following (by little, I mean a couple hundred subscribers & views).


Word started getting around about my creative talent… and a couple in the US who were getting married asked me if I could compose a piece for their wedding… and guess what? They offered to pay me! It was a huge light bulb moment for me… realizing that people actually wanted to pay me for my art! While I finished up my engineering degree, word spread, and I continued to get requests to create music & art. I got my first illustration gig and painted a book cover for $75. I was over the moon!


It only got better as I improved. I painted a matte painting for an Indian wedding in Durban, South Africa, composed the very first symphonic orchestral film score recorded with a live orchestra for a Taiwanese feature film, getting my music in Hollywood trailers, my art in games, and so much more.


I got so busy, that when I graduated, I pretty much went into full time freelance creator mode.


Around this time I was learning everything I could about how to be a traveling freelance creative. I read a book called the 4 Hour Workweek which fundamentally shifted my perspective on making money online…


I then came across this guy on the internet named Arn Andersson – a fellow Scandinavian! He was also a travelling composer. I wanted to find out his approach to being a traveling composer & creative, so I reached out to him, asking him a bunch of questions.


A few months later I found myself in Berlin, Germany, attending a composers meetup… and it just so happened that Arn (I call him Arent), that guy I’d been messaging about how to be a traveling nomadic musician in the weeks prior... was there too.


We hit it off immediately… sharing our successes and challenges in the industry.


I shared my vision of how education and teaching of the arts should be like. How artists struggle to make a living and never get their creative careers off the ground, or progress as they should.


Turns out, Arn had already started creating exactly what I had envisioned! He was running a blog called “Composing Secrets” and told me about his vision of creating a place of learning the many fields of the arts, tailored custom to each student, and sharing resources – with lifestyle and business being a big part of it all. A vision I very much connected with and was dreaming of myself.


Immediately we put our heads together, and decided to join forces.


After that meeting in Berlin, I went to Taiwan to work on the soundtrack for a feature film – Arn left to go back to Croatia. We traveled the world in our own paths.


One early summer, we met up on the Thai island of Koh Lanta to brainstorm and bring this vision to life. And so Evenant was created.


Thailand was an interesting journey. From having both our Macbooks become infested with fire ants, getting food poisoned and having to incorporate Evenant on our smartphones at a bungalow cafe with shady internet, while drinking lassis… those are days I’ll never forget.


Since then, Evenant has grown into a more than 300,000 strong following, celebrating hundreds of success stories from students in our courses, finding gigs and growing as creative people, and we now realize just how important our mission is.


We built the company completely organically and unconventionally. We made our first $1M without any paid advertising and have pretty much defied all the standard “formulas” and strategies. Our team is made up of real creatives who are working in the industry today. Not yesterday. Not 20 years ago. Our platform and courses are created by artists, for artists.


We’re super excited to continue growing this thing that started out as an idea in Berlin all those years ago, to empower a new generation of modern creatives with the tools to level up their skills and transform their passion into a profitable + fulfilling career. 


The future is full of opportunity, in all the glorious ways it can be. Let’s go!

Arn Andersson

Arn Andersson

Composer, Producer, Digital Nomad & the other Co-Founder of Evenant

“All anyone was teaching was text book theory… I had to piece together the puzzle, and carve my own path as a modern creative”

Hey, I’m Arn Andersson, Composer, Digital Nomad & the other Co-Founder of Evenant.


In my short time on earth, life has taken me on a roller coaster across nearly 30 countries, composing music for everything from my friend’s high school film to Hollywood trailers and world star DJ’s, while also empowering other creators to do the same. 


I grew up in a tiny village of about 1700 people, nestled by the fjords of Norway.


I spent my childhood as a violinist in the local orchestra, and as a guitarist of a rock band, playing gigs and learning how to produce songs for others. I was already studying Orchestration and Composition for Film and TV at Berklee Online during high school, while taking on various scoring gigs for small films, games and series. I found myself frustrated that everything was based on textbook theory, and nobody actually taught you how to navigate the industry or how to apply these skills in real life. 


I’d get up at 5am before school to work on my music, and found myself working on the side as both session musician, arranger and musical leader for different concerts and bands. I took every course you could imagine, from business to marketing, website building, pop mixing, hip hop production, orchestration, you name it. I had to piece together little pieces from 100 different resources. 


Eventually, I started posting the tracks I wrote online, which got more traction for every upload, connecting me with likeminded people in the industry. Eventually, people started coming to me for advice, something that baffled me in the beginning. Eventually, I found myself explaining the same things over and over and decided to set up a blog with a simple ebook - which later turned into what’s now Evenant. My goal became then to consolidate everything I wish I knew, into one single resource.


When I graduated, I took the $500 I had to my name, filled a backpack with my laptop and keyboard, and got a one way ticket to Bangkok, Thailand.


At the time, I had no idea how this little decision would change my life forever. What started as a solo trip snowballed into a fully nomadic lifestyle across nearly 30 countries, and countless cities and villages over the years. Soon after I started traveling, I got one of my first bigger gigs - scoring an entire indie game. It was at that moment I felt a shift, that this was actually possible. As the gigs started to come, my blog and ebook got more traction too - and I realized it was possible to both navigate this strange industry, while passing everything I learned forward to others. 


Throughout my travels, I worked on a wide variety of projects for films, games, trailers and other artists. Some of the biggest projects to date include music for multiple grammy-award winning orchestra “Metropole Orkest”, and Hardwell, former #1 DJ in the world, and my music has been featured in Hollywood trailers like “Lady And The Tramp”, “Lego Movie 2”, “Cold Pursuit and ads for UNICEF, Pennzoil and YouFoodz, with my personal YouTube channel surpassing 20 million views. I was trying a variety of things, learning along the way, and trying to find the best path for me to pursue. 


As I was learning and growing, so did Evenant. Today, this has grown into a beautiful community of over 300.000 followers, thousands of enrolled students and counting. 

Okay, enough talk. Let’s get creating, shall we?

Meet The Rest Of Our Team

Marko Tica

Marko Tica

Composer &
Tech Guru at Evenant

I am music producer, composer, live sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist. I specialize in live sound field recordings and sound design. I started playing guitar at age 5, influenced by my father who was also a musician playing guitar and keyboards. I had his first live TV performance at the age of 5 as an actor, made first music album in high school, produced and composed music for all genres ever since.

As a producer, I’ve worked with various pop, rock, punk and metal bands along with mixing and recording music in live and studio settings. For the last 15 years my passion has been focused on live sounds and live mixing. Being born with microtia, able to use only one ear, coming from war-infested Balkan region, always fighting against all odds I’ve been following my dream of becoming a great film composer. As a web developer in Evenant I’m trying to give back as much as I can to the community who gave so much to me and made me a better producer, musician and person.

Currently, I’m working on everything tech related in Evenant, producing albums for dozens of publishers, working on my sampling company and proving every day that anything is possible if you focus, plan and invest time and effort. You can find more stuff about me at: www.markotica.com

Sjoerd Visser

Sjoerd Visser

Composer &
Lead Web Developer at Evenant

Hi, my name is Sjoerd Visser. Composer, UX designer and web developer.

I was born in the city of Rotterdam - The Netherlands. Ever since I was a young kid, I’ve developed a strong passion for web development, graphic design and film music. With a strong background in e-learning and a lot of my skills self taught, I am driven to be involved in the development and growth of the online education system.

Outside of my work, I love spending my time in sports as coach and judge for competitive swimming.

You can check out my works at www.vissrmedia.com

Emma Nixon

Emma Nixon

Jack of all trades
Implementor at Evenant

Hi guys! Emma here. I’m originally from the UK, but have been living in the Philippines since 2008. Started my career as an online training manager in the boring old BPO industry.


Broke the chains of employment and became a freelancer in 2015, specializing in online training, automation and marketing, handling a variety of accounts from beauty products, to digital therapeutics. Created a few amazing chat-bots, traveled the many islands of the Philippines, and started my own travel and tours company promoting local tourism here, which unfortunately closed overnight due to Covid... boooo!


Joined the Evenant team in 2020 to help with the revamp of their awesome site for aspiring creatives in the entertainment industry, and I have to say, the content and community is top notch!

Alexandre Guichet

Composer & Web Developer at Evenant

Hello! I am Alexandre. I started as a part-time web developer on the nexus team end of 2021. I was a student of Arn on the old platform and I jumped in to help build a better nexus. The Evenant community is a powerhouse of talents and I want to give you the best learning tool possible!


I’m currently staying in Vancouver where I’m wrapping up my computer science degree. In my spare time I stream and compose music for indie video games. I love music and always happy to discuss it, feel free to pass by on my stream at: https://www.twitch.tv/saladedeponey.

Freddy Parkington

Freddy Parkington

Actor & Stand-In
Video editing at Evenant

Hi, I’m Freddy! I work on the YouTube and video editing side of things for Evenant.

Outside of Evenant, I work primarily as an Actor and a Stand-In for other performers. I’ve had some amazing opportunities to work on some incredible films & tv shows, with a whole host of great people. Through this career and my love for ‘all things action’, I train in Parkour/Free-Running, various Firearms, Precision Driving – to name just a few!

I’ve always been a huge fan of all things music, listening to everything and anything I can. Trailer music in particular, has always been a genre I just can’t get enough! The journey of a piece of music is so powerful to me and I love seeing and hearing all of the work coming from the Evenant platform, where every musician is telling their own story through their music.

Amber Skipper

Digital Artist & 
Graphic Designer at Evenant

Hey, I’m Amber! I’m a Graphic Designer at Evenant and also freelance digital artist!


I’m currently based by the coast in North Wales and have always lived in the UK. Since I was little I have always enjoyed anything creative, whether it was art, music, or creating random stuff. Then when I was about 13, I decided I wanted to venture into graphic design, so I bought myself a little tutorial book and taught myself Adobe Illustrator - that next year I had started creating logos for clients. 


Over the following years I studied new softwares such as After Effects and Photoshop where I found a love for digital art, and went on to study Visual Effects at university. 


I am currently working freelance on album artworks, selling digital pieces, and creating an occasional book cover. Alongside this, I recently joined the Evenant Team as a Graphic Designer and I’m loving being a part of this group and seeing what a great community there is here. 


Outside of work, I love being outdoors, wakesurfing, playing music, and gaming! You can check out some of my other works here;


Eben Schumacher

Eben Schumacher

Artist & Musician
Designer at Evenant

I’m an artist and musician based in Burlington, Vermont, USA. After spending most of my childhood and adolescence drawing and painting, I eventually acquired a degree in Art and Philosophy, and shortly after began my career as a freelance artist.

Since then, I've done commissions for album artwork, character art, landscapes, and book covers, including a #1 Amazon Bestseller and a finalist in the 2019 Annual Best Book Awards by American Book Fest. I currently make a living doing freelance work for clients and working as part of the Evenant Design team.

Between those projects, I spend time recording and performing music, exploring nature, and caring for a variety of plants and living creatures.

You can learn more about my artwork at my website here: www.ebenschumacherart.com.

Chris Gustin

Composer & Content Manager at Evenant

Hey! My name is Chris, and I am stoked to be assisting in content creation/management here at Evenant!

I was born in Chicago, IL and spent my formative years playing guitar & drums in indie rock bands. I later made my way across the country to study Guitar Theory and Audio Engineering at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. I have been working in Los Angeles ever since and have continued to educate myself through online music courses over the years. When I’m not busy composing music for publishers or producing/mixing tracks for artists, I spend my free time training in the gym, exploring the outdoors, and rock climbing.


I look forward to bumping into each other in the community!

Sam Griffiths

Sam Griffiths

Composer &
Music Tutor at Evenant

Hey, my name's Sam Griffiths! I'm a composer for motion picture advertising and tv, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist.

I am a music supervisor and creative manager for trailer label working on high-end Hollywood movie ad campaigns and mentor here at Evenant!

My music and sounds can be heard all over tv and film trailers having collaborated on projects with; Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, A24, 20th Century Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Pixar, BBC, ABC, Network 10, Sky and more.

Outside of music, I can be found travelling (when Covid allows it!) swimming or enjoying exploring walks around the countryside. I joined Evenant in 2020 and it's great to be part of such a fun, passionate community of creators!

Alan Schwegler

Moderator & Student Support

I am a Sr. UX designer and amateur concept artist located in Milwaukee, WI. I have been leading design initiatives at fortune 500 companies for over 10 years.


I acquired my degree in Graphic Design in 2010. Received my Master of Business Administration in 2016. Currently pursuing Executive training in Customer Experience at UW-Parkside. I don’t think I ever will stop going to school...


I am a huge Star Trek nerd and love to read comics. Father of two boys Alex and Logan, and husband to my soul mate Lindsay. I don’t sleep much either...


In 2018, I rediscovered my passion for concept art and have been pursuing it ever since. It continues to be an incredible journey and I am excited to see where I end up. Feel free to join me and don’t hesitate to reach out. My door is always open and I am a student like you!


If you want, you can check out some doodles here: https://www.artstation.com/aschwaggs

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