Sci-Fi Concept Art Challenge

Blender + Paintover

Challenge is August 1-3

Open to any skill level! With prizes 🙂

Alright, artists! Time for another challenge.

In anticipation for the launch of the course 3D For Artists: Concept Art Workflow In Blender For Absolute Beginners in just a few days, we’re going to play around in the awesome free 3D software Blender to create some cool designs and artworks. We’ll also be painting over our renders.

If you haven’t used Blender before, you can still join the challenge and paint as usual, but I definitely recommend you trying it out. If you want to really learn 3D as a beginner in the free Blender software, I highly recommend that you join the course at this greatly discounted fee.

So here are the steps of how to join the challenge, have fun and win some great prizes:

Step 1: Jot your name below and I’ll send you info when we start August 1.

Step 2: Head over to the Design Group on our platform (simple free account) and say hi to all the other artists! Introduce yourself. You can also join inside the Evenant Design Facebook Group.

Step 3: We start August 1 and I’ll give you the prompt for the challenge so you can get started with it. It will run for 3 days, August 1 through August 3.

Step 4: Download Blender, and give the tutorial below a go! If it’s too complicated for you right now, just get ready to paint some sci-fi looking stuff on Aug 1 and wait until the course launches on August 5 to really learn all of this stuff from the 3D For Artists course.

Push yourself outside of your comfort zone, improve your workflow,
learn new techniques, and win awesome prizes. Good luck!

Here below you’ll find the sci-fi tutorial I made for you guys using Blender and paintover in Photoshop:

Jot down your name here. I’ll send you an email when we get started!

Walid Feghali

Walid Feghali

Challenge Host

Co-founder & CEO of Evenant, Walid is a Swedish award-winning digital artist, composer, mechanical engineer, and entrepreneur. Travelling as a digital nomad and exploring new opportunities, Walid has always been dedicated to trying new fields of study, exploring, creating, travelling and collaborating.

This has lead him to create artworks for countless clients and compose orchestral film scores for feature films and games, trailer music placements in many Hollywood campaigns such as Independence Day 2, Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Call of Duty, a mechanical engineering degree, and more. The journey does not end here for him!