Interview: Bill Brown – Composer

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Composer Interview:

Bill Brown (CSI: NY, Wolfenstein, Captain America: Super Soldier)


Thanks for chatting with us. You’ve scored music for a huge list of games over the years. Would you consider yourself more of a game composer, or a film composer?

It’s interesting because I set out to score films right out of college, and never thought I’d be scoring games or television.. When I found out about game soundtracks, I was excited because there were opportunities to write for full orchestras in different styles. It was great for many reasons, but a total surprise to me really. A few years after I started scoring games here in LA, I met some directors and started working on television spots and films alongside the games, which eventually led to scoring CSI:NY which wrapped it’s ninth and final season last year. While I was working on CSI:NY, I also continued working on games, which included more music for Wolfenstein,