Cinematic Studio Strings by Cinematic Strings

I’ve been an avid user of Cinematic Strings since I bought Cinematic Strings 2 a couple of years back. It’s been in pretty much every project I’ve needed strings for, and I will probably keep using it. But this time, Cinematic Strings decided to throw another symphonic strings sample library at us, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear that. Cinematic Studio Strings enters the arena of strings libraries, and it’s one that kicks ass.

CSS (Cinematic Studio Strings) is a rich, warm and organic sounding library. It has a crisp characteristic to it that is hard to capture when sampling any orchestral sections. The controls, mic options and routing-possibilities are easy to get used to and are easy to learn – it’s a library meant to be played, used and sound great – straight out of the box.


Quick Overview

  • $399
  • 34.5 GB (after installation)
  • Kontakt 5.5 Full or Free (Player) version
  • Rich, expressive and realistic Hollywood style ensemble strings
  • Intuitive GUI and articulation-switching
  • Full and Lite Ensemble & section-specific patches
  • Close, Main, Room, Mixed mics

What’s inside Cinematic Studio Strings


Cinematic Studio Strings is a symphonic string ensemble library with both full ensemble patches and individual sections. Each patch contain all the articulations for that section, so there are no patches with only spiccatos or sustains except for the Classic Legato patches for legato only, but this is no issue as you can load up patches with only one articulation selected and save it as it is.

Here are the patches in the CSS library:

  • 1st Violins
  • 2nd Violins