Becoming A Digital Nomad: How Much Money Do You Need?

Being able to travel wherever you want, whenever you want while working with something you love – probably sounds like the dream life to most people. But it also may seem like a far-fetched dream scenario that’s incredibly hard to realize. A lot of people think you have to be incredibly rich and successful to be able to live this kind of lifestyle, and that traveling is an expensive lifestyle. But how much money do you really need? It’s probably way less than you think. Here are my thoughts on money needed, after traveling as a digital nomad across 4 continents during the past two years.


Cheaper Locations


How much money you need to live, depends on where you go. But if you start out in a place with cheaper costs of living, like Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia etc, you can get started extremely cheap. In fact, $500 per month would be enough in a lot of places. Let’s take Thailand as an example. If you go to Chiang Mai, which is a thriving hub for digital nomads these days, even labeled the digital nomad capital of the world – you can achieve a comfortable living for a very decent price. Accommodation can be found from $200 a month and meals can be found anywhere for around $1. In addition, there are plenty of things to do, places to hang out with digital nomads, and wonderful things to see and explore.

My little beach office in Koh Lanta – where I stayed for only $7 per night.


The same goes for more tropical islands in the south of Thailand. I was staying in beautiful bungalows on the beach for $7 a night, and while the prices for food etc is a little bit more expensive than in the north (like Chiang Mai), I figured out it was possible to live on about$500 a month there as well. 500 dollars, to live on a beautiful tropical