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Challenge Live May 1-3. Announcing winners Friday, May 5th

Learn how to write sync music to a brief and challenge yourself in this Evenant Music Licensing Challenge!

Open to any skill level. With prizes 🙂

To herald the launch of the Music Licensing Mastery course (May 5th), we are hosting the Evenant Music Licensing Challenge

Win a chance to get your music pitched to a sync publishing library, free enrollment in the course and more. Learn how to get your tracks placed in TV spots, trailers, commercials, and start making a solid stream of income with your music. 

It’s a free 3-day challenge, with a simple brief for a car TV spot, daily tips, an awesome event to kickstart your new music licensing journey. This is for any genre and is meant to teach you how to finally get your tracks placed.

And did we mention there’ll be prizes in the end? 🙂 


Jot down your info below to enter the challenge. We’ll send you info of next steps.

Submissions are closed

Stay tunedand keep your eyes on your inbox and our NEXUS platform for winner annoucement!


The challenge will be hosted in our platform NEXUS. Click the link under here to go there. You simply make a free user on Nexus, and go to the Music Group on the platform. Simple! 

You can also share it in our Facebook Music & Audio group and on your own IG page.


You’ll find the prompt and info inside the Nexus Music Group. 

We’ll guide you through creating a track from beginning to end. You’ll then post it in the group, on Facebook, IG or wherever you want with the tag #evenantcomposerchallenge


We start Monday, May 1 and end Wednesday, May 3

Then we’ll choose 3 winners for the awesome prizes, and finally announce winners on May 5 together with the opening of Music Licensing Mastery.


1st Prize

- Enrollment to Music Licensing Mastery
- Pitch your track to PMG Library For Publishing Deal

2nd Prize

- 50% Off Coupon to Music Licensing Mastery
- Pitch your track to PMG Library For Publishing Deal

3rd Prize

- 25% Off Coupon To Music Licensing Mastery
- Pitch your track to PMG Library For Publishing Deal


There is no better way to learn, than by doing. And by emulating a tight deadline, we’ll have to throw overthinking out the window and focus on moving forwards and making rapid decisions. One might feel confident in certain areas of the workflow, but weaker in others. At the end of the day, you’ll finally be a step closer to earning solid income with your tracks.

This challenge will give you some practical tips and pointers for how you can improve your workflow, and common mistakes to avoid.

Learning how to the industry works, how to create licensable tracks and Streamlining your entire workflow from beginning to end are core components of the upcoming Music Licensing Mastery course.

This challenge will both help you grow and learn important lessons, and also pinpoint problem areas that you want to work on in the future.

Challenge Hosts

Arn Andersson & Joshua Crispin

We’re Joshua Crispin and Arn Andersson, and together we’ve got over a decade of experience in this industry and have had our music featured in everything from Hollywood movie trailers, video games, and advertisement campaigns, to releases with world class orchestras and DJ’s.

For the past 3 years we’ve worked closely together on a multitude of projects, and we’d like to pass down all the invaluable lessons we’ve learned in our careers through both trial and error as well as amazing mentors in order to help others entering this industry. 

Learn from our wins, avoid our mistakes.