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Introducing The Evenant Annual Pass

It’s finally here. Now you can get access to all our courses, tutors, live Q&A’s, private groups, job opportunities and everything Evenant stands for with the Evenant Annual Pass.

Starting out in this industry, we’ve purchased music and art programs for thousands of dollars, and we still felt we didn’t get what we really wanted: a hands-on approach to improving your skills, getting results and navigating the business and lifestyle of being a modern creative. 

Typical music and art educations can cost tens of thousands of dollars – but we wanted to create an alternative that costs less than the average American worker spends on coffee. 

Our courses, features and community offer a unique opportunity to truly boost your skills, connect with other creatives and help you find gigs and opportunities.

The Evenant Annual Pass lets you have all of this, and so much more!

What You Get With The Annual Pass

● Access to all of our in-depth courses for low monthly or annual fee, allowing you to explore all our topics freely at your own pace, without having to limit yourself to a single subject. 

● Take your skills to a new level with nearly a hundred hours of premium course content from professional creators, as well as Live Workshops & Interactive Q&A’s.

● A distraction free environment for learning, undisturbed focus and growth. Learn and discuss in groups and forums without annoying ads or pictures from your friend’s nephew’s wedding disrupting your flow.

● A tight-knit community of professionals and like minded students and creatives to learn and collaborate with, supporting you on your path ahead.

● Access to Free Resources such as sample libraries, brush packs, stock photos and more.

● Live Challenges & Contests to up-level your skills & win exclusive prizes.

Dive Into Any Course Any Time

The Evenant Annual Pass grants you full access to all our in-depth courses, past, present and future. Not only are you granted full access to every course we got on the market currently, but every course we release in the future at no additional cost

So when a new course comes, you won’t ever have to consider if you can afford it – it’s already yours. With the membership, you will always have educational content worth thousands of dollars available at your fingertips, for just a fraction of the price. 

Join A Thriving Community

The Evenant Community currently consists of over 300.000 aspiring creatives, as well as full time professionals. In the community you can:

  • Ask questions about your course content inside the designated Groups
  • Enter the brand new Forums and discuss everything between art, music, programs, business, tips and tricks, gear and libraries
  • Ask for help and feedback when you need it, and learn from others
  • Share your work and lessons learned, and help others excel at their craft as well
The path to improving your craft and making an income from your passion is much easier when you have people to learn with, get advice from, and support when you need it the most. 

Find Gigs and Opportunities

In the past few years, we have given a number of gigs to talented Evenant students, and seen students go from beginners to professionals while taking our courses. 

With the Evenant Annual Pass, Evenant will be a place for you to find new job opportunities, show your best work, and a place for clients to find new talent to work with. We want Evenant students to be a symbol of dedication, quality and professionalism. There will be a job board where talent and client can connect. 

We don’t only want to help you acquire the skills you need, but we want to be the first ones to high five you when you land your first gig! 

More Than Just Courses

Evenant is so much more than just a course platform. We’ve seen former students go on and land gigs, reach milestones, and even become valued team members of our own company over time. 

From catching up through international meet-ups, celebrating Christmas, traveling, seeing live shows and going on hikes – Evenant is more than just an online school, it’s a community… 

And we hope you become a part of our community!


Words From Our Students

With thousands of enrolled students from over 100 different countries, Evenant is a diverse learning community. Our goal has always been to break down complex and intimidating topics into logical and practical principles for aspiring creatives to follow. Here’s some words from our students: 

Evenant Guarantee

We don’t want any unhappy students. If we didn’t meet your expectations, get in touch within 21 days of purchase, and we’ll give you every penny back – no questions asked. But we’re so confident you’re gonna dig the course, we’re willing to take that risk. If you’re for some reason unhappy, get in touch within 21 days and we’ll issue you a refund and even let you keep the bonuses. So, see you on the inside?
Read full return policy.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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