Interview: Gabriel Mann (Rectify, Modern Family)

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Composer Interview: Gabriel Mann


In 2015, we had the opportunity to speak with Gabriel Mann, the man behind the music of Modern Family and Rectify, among many other projects, about his musical journey in general and juggling scoring dark dramas and comedy. Today, we’re back in another conversation with Gabriel, where we talk all things Rectify as the Sundance TV show goes into production for its fourth and final season. We got to touch on the unique elements of the score, collaborating with Ray Mckinnon, surprises in store for the future, and dealing with hairy creative situations, among many other things.

Below are a few lines from his bio on his official website, followed by the video/audio of our interview with him:

“A composer, songwriter, singer, and member of LA-based alternative rock band The Rescues, Gabriel Mann has made significant strides in almost every corner of the music ind