The Most Important Painting Tip Ever

*this is a free excerpt from the upcoming Evenant Design digital art course
The Aspiring Concept Artist*

When it comes to painting, having this aspect etched in your skill-set is crucial to becoming a good artist. Practicing it will ensure that you will render your ideas and concepts with great quality and accuracy. Incorporating it and using it to your own ends successfully time and time again is what will ensure that your work becomes and stays high quality and make your fans love your work.


What I’m talking about is fundamentals.


Fundamentals are, what the name suggests, the aspects and properties of what reality looks like, and you use it as a foundation for all your concept art.

Some fundamentals are:

  • Perspective
    • Vanishing points
    • Horizon lines
    • Foreshortening
    • Third-point, two-point and one-point perspective
    • Atmospheric perspective
  • Scale
  • Lighting and its correlation with color
  • Values and color theory

And then, for drawing nicely, you also have things such as:

  • Line weight
  • Gesture lines
  • Flow

There are more aspects to art, but the key thing is that these basic, or fundamentalaspects decide if your drawings look nice, are balanced and realistic or not. Getting these right is so damn important.

Look at the example under here. This drawing is from an artist from the Blizzard Entertainment team for the game World of Warcraft – this artist has nailed all three of these fundamental aspects of drawing: line weight, gesture lines and flow.


Some parts have heavier lines, others are soft. Sometimes the lines flow together, and sometimes they clash. With practice and time, anyone can learn how to use the fundamentals of drawing, and it doesn’t need to take that long. The same thing goes for other aspects of illustrating.

Here is an image of a few green slopes. Notice how the further away something is, it appears more washed out, blue-grayish tone and takes on less dynamic contrast and detail content. This is one of the fundamentals: atmospheric perspective.