Productivity Tips For Digital Artists

Let’s face it: high productivity isn’t something you can just easily order on command or wave a wand to magically achieve, and then spit out tons of paintings and studies daily.

Whether it’s sketching some ideas you’ve been thinking about, finishing those character concepts you started last week, or if it’s creating a new landscape illustration for a client – productivity issues will at some point appear for every one of us.

Luckily there are ways to becoming more productive – and it doesn’t have to be that hard. We get there by exploiting how our body and mind works.


Timing is essential


Now, you may wish that you can at any point in your day (or night) just sit down and start painting and create something great. Well… it doesn’t always work out that way. I know it doesn’t for me anyway.

What I used to do is I would try to paint even on the time of day when I didn’t really have the willpower or brainpower to execute my ideas and finish the work I wanted to get done. I knew because I had started a painting, only to shut it down in frustration. It felt like hard work.

Instead, I would find the proper timing for when I knew my productivity would be at its highest. Willpower is a finite, but renewable, resource, and you only have so much you can pull off each day. Imagine it like the energy bar in a Metroid game.

For me, the best time to work was about one hour after I woke up, did my morning routine, had my coffee & contemplation, and boom – after that was when I got most work done!

I also enjoyed painting for fun and for practice after dinner time, for about 2 hours or so. Find your own timing and use it to your advantage.


Eliminate the possibility for distractions


One of the biggest tips in this