4 Ways To Kickstart A Digital Painting

We’ve all been there. Just sitting in front of the computer or tablet, and trying to put something on the digital canvas.

We want to create some nice painting and we’re ready to do it, but then…

… nothing good comes out!

So what should you do when you’re sitting there trying to paint, and you just want to kickstart your digital painting?

Let’s take a look at 4 ways I use to kickstart my own digital paintings!


#1: Sketching!


Now I’m sure most of you know this one. It’s why we have sketchbooks and why it’s even called sketching. It’s an amazing way of getting into shape (figuratively speaking), and getting your ideas going.

Here are some of the benefits from sketching:

  • Your ideas can flow freely without judgment
  • Brainstorming with yourself
  • Explore shapes and shape language
  • Get warmed up
  • Be loose and not rigid
  • Not getting too attached to what you painted or drew

Sketching is great for any type of artist, be they landscape-, prop-, or character artists. You can just be so free with it and it’s really fun.

Now, you can sketch digitally using something that resembles a graphite pencil or a ballpoint ink pen, by going through the brushes you have, and choosing something small and that responds to pen pressure.

In the Evenant Concept Art Brush Pack you will find a few of these brushes (they’re among the first of the brushes), and you can use them to sketch just about anything.


You should try and be loose and just explore some of the ideas that might come up just by drawing.

You can also sketch using a bigger brush, or by using several brushes that just have interesting textures and shapes to them.