3 Ways To Make Money From Your Art

Freelancing is a brilliant way to be your own boss and set your own schedules, to travel wherever you want to travel and still be able to work, to sit on a beach, under the shade of a palm tree and painting away on some cool new game concept designs. It’s just really cool!

Of course there are downsides to it, but we’re not focusing on those today. Today we are looking at a few ways you can make money from being a digital designer. There are countless of gigs out there that need design work; everything from small company logos to game concept art to posters for local concerts – the list is endless.

I have worked on many different projects as a designer and concept artist, and here are some things I have found to be good sources for income as a travelling freelancer artist:


#1. Album artworks


Music is everywhere, right? People produce tons of music albums left and right, in every single music genre out there. So that means that – you got it – there’s an almost equal amount of demand for cover artworks! Most of my income from art during last year came from doing trailer music album artworks for trailer music publishers – it allowed me to travel and live in Asia for 8 months. So go out there and find yourself some bands, artists and music publishers who might want your design for their next album release. Contact them and have a little showcase of your designs and art ready for them to look at – maybe they’ll love it and want to pay you for designing their album cover.


Sublimation, trailer music album release by End of Silence.
Cover artist: Walid Feghali.


#2. Logo Designs


Every day there’s a new company starting up. A new store owner needing a nice little logo for his store front. A game developing company who wants a cool logo that shouts their message out loud, and tons more. Starting creating logos for people is a great way to make a living, or at least an extra side-income to fund your lifestyle, whatever it is you do. Logos can be super simple and more complex, and there’s an incredibly wide range of them out there and an infinite amount of inspiration to be found from ancient symbols, already created logos, geometrical design, etc. One logo can cost all the way from $200 to thousands if you’re a professional in the industry. Go out there and find yourself people who need logos, put up your work,