Cinematic Music Kickstarter

Arn Andersson · July 27, 2020

Welcome to the Cinematic Music Kickstarter Course!

These lessons are excerpts from the following Evenant courses: Cinematic Music I, Trailer Music Redefined, Trailer Sound Design, Cinematic Synthesis, and Cinematic Music II.

Before you dive in, let’s quickly go over what you can expect inside. The free Cinematic Music Kickstarter course contains valuable fundamental knowledge sourced from a wide range of our flagship courses—allowing you to attain knowledge about the fields you are interested in, and get a feel for our way of teaching, without having to part with a single dollar. 

Here you will find introductory training in Theme Writing, Trailer Music, and Sound Design and Synthesis—all areas that can greatly help you to level-up your production game. 

Here's What You'll Learn:

Basic Melody and Harmony Principles

This module is mostly sourced from the first module of Cinematic Music I, and gives you a peek into our method of simplifying the act of creating melodies and harmonic beds for your themes. I demonstrate some of my basic methods for coming up with melodies quickly, and break down the fundamental rules of the harmonic language. 

At the end, you will find a video from the brand new Cinematic Music II course about mastering inversions. 

Learn The Basics Of Trailer Music Structure

One of the most characteristic and important aspects of trailer music is getting the format and structure right. In this module, we’ll break down some of the essential fundamentals of the trailer music format—and present it in a very digestible way.

See Epic Trailer Effects Dissected

In this module, you will be able to watch an excerpt from Trailer Sound Design, where Karel breaks down a Braam, Hit, and Riser. This module will give you an insight into how these sounds are created—and hopefully give you some ideas on how you can recreate them! 

Learn What Your Synth Knobs Do

In this module, our awesome instructor BigJerr will break down the most fundamental knobs and functions of any synth—helping you understand how you can create awesome synth sounds completely from scratch. 

Orchestral Track Breakdown

In this module, you will see me break down and analyze the harmonic development, composition, orchestration and track structure of my recent demo for Audio Imperia’s Areia. 

Enjoying this course, and want to learn more?

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Composer, producer, entrepreneur and digital nomad from Norway, and the co-founder of Evenant. Has a strong passion for traveling, exploring new cultures, learning new skills and creating new things.

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