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New Evenant Courses In Music & Art Creation
Currently In Production... 🛠️

Let's take a deeper look into our new upcoming courses...


50+ Challenges Designed For The Modern Composer

It’s challenging as a music composer to practice individual aspects of music creation without having to create a full idea in the process. 

That’s why we created a set of 50+ musical puzzles to help you practice a given skill over and over, only focusing on one thing at a time.

The puzzles in “Vol 1: Cinematic” allows you to practice writing melodies, counter melodies, chord progressions, ostinatos and textures and rhythmic writing in a focused and entertaining way. 


Music Licensing Mastery is the culmination of all our Techniques, Methods and Principles behind the hundreds of placements in Hollywood Trailers, TV-Series, Video Games, and Millions of Dollars in revenue

After a decade in this industry and over 200 Placements in campaigns like Star Wars, Avengers, Fortnite, Battlefield, and Call Of Duty, we break down everything we’ve learned along the way. 

From the reasons why some tracks get rejected and others get licensed repeatedly, to how you can get into the business, and create a Snowball Effect of ever-growing Revenue Streams

3D For Artists

Concept Art Workflow In Blender For Absolute Beginners

3D is such an amazing tool to use for Concept Art and Illustration. I’ve been using it for my professional artworks and illustrations for over a decade now and I just love this workflow.

You get great Perspective, Lighting, and Compositions, and the interactivity makes it so much fun. The sky is really the limit!

And the best part? Blender is a completely free and open-source 3D software!

Piano For Composers

A Practical Guide To The 88 Keys

The piano has for ages been a trusted tool for songwriters and composers. A lot of people want to learn how to utilize the piano as a tool to realize your own compositions. Simply put using the piano in a practical – and not just a theoretical – way.

As a composer, you don’t need to be able to perform Mozart, just to translate the ideas in your head into music

In this new course, Piano For Composers we focus on a practical approach to learn the piano as a composer, and using it as a tool to realize your own musical ideas, with lots of practical exercises allowing you to write and test a multitude of ideas in a short time, as well as using MIDI CC, common chords, piano performance, and much more.


Punchy Pop Production

Create Punchy And Addictive Tracks

Pop music is incredibly fascinating on multiple levels. Clean, catchy, powerful and punchy are aspects we all associate with it. So both The Beatles, Spice Girls and Dua Lipa all fit under this umbrella. However, the pop music of this day is often categorized by minimalist hooks, addictive choruses, clean and polished productions, and not at least punchy, dynamic mixes. 

The main objective is simple; How can you make the listener want to listen to your track over and over again? Karél Psota will teach you how in this course, along with writing, tweaking, mixing and producing high-class pop tracks and learning techniques used by the elites in music production, that you can use in your own music – no matter the genre. 


Visual Storytelling II

Expanding Your Art Horizon

In the second installment of the Visual Storytelling series, Adrian Virlan teaches us how to expand our stories into several paintings, and build our worlds in a deeper way, to truly hook our audience.

In these in-depth narrated painting walkthroughs, you will find easy to implement methods and techniques, mindsets and approaches and so much more.


Massive Electronic Production

By BigJerr

Utilizing powerful synth and bass elements in our music can be a powerful tool in order to create a larger than life sound. But, as anyone who has tried to stack a few patches together has experienced, achieving a powerful and balanced production isn’t easy. From sound choices, to layering and stacking, to eq-ing and processing, there’s a lot to think about.

In this course, Ableton certified trainer Jerry DiPhillippo aka BigJerr will take you through every step of the way in order to create massive electronic productions, all the way from sound selection through the final mix and processing of a full track.

Cinematic Mixing

From Stems To Final Master

One of our most anticipated courses is finally coming to our new platform. Cinematic Mixing will take you through the entire workflow of mixing and mastering orchestral and hybrid tracks. From the mindsets and tools needed to mix effectively, the mixing workflow for a variety of styles and expressions, and the techniques that allow you to achieve a wide, spacious, lush and powerful cinematic mix whether it’s for trailers, soundtracks or TV. 

Toby Mason draws on a wide range of experience, his personal philosophies around mixing, lessons in the physics of audio and psychoacoustics, and combines it into an engaging, fun and transformative learning experience for anyone seeking to improve their mixing game. 

From lush string passages to epic hybrid trailer cues – Toby will show you tips and workflows that will help you craft the epic, balanced wall of sound you likely hear in your head – but often can’t seem to translate effectively into your own productions. 

Cinematic SFX

Sci Fi Sound Design

Sound design and sound effects play a crucial role in crafting the sonic landscape of our favorite Sci Fi movies and video games. From the sound of monsters/creatures, robots, futuristic machines (interfaces and vehicles), and general SFX (guns, explosions etc), these sounds are important in creating a believable, immersive experience for the viewer. 

How would you like to learn how to create such sounds from scratch, from the comfort of your own DAW? If you don’t know where to begin, fear not. Cinematic SFX: Sci Fi Sound Design, taught by Dan Larsson will take you step by step through the process of making your own Sci Fi inspired sounds, from the tools and plugins you need, to the the recording and source material, processing and polishing steps. 

At the end, you will have a solid understanding and skillset that allows you to start whipping up virtually any cinema-worthy Sci Fi sounds that your mind can conjure. From there, sky is the limit. 

Visual Storytelling

Creating Stories Through Art

Stories have fascinated people since the dawn of time, and as artists we tell stories through our art.

In this course, professional concept artist Adrian Virlan teaches us how to achieve amazing storytelling elements in our art, all the way from sketches to final paintings. 

We go through each painting step by step, and break down important aspects and mindsets such as “blue sky”, the initial sketching phase, building on your sketches, color moods, composition and so much more.

Orchestration Reloaded:

A Guide To Writing And Arranging
For Strings

Orchestration can be a daunting field to tackle, with centuries of resources available on the subject. However, learning how to utilize the orchestra to its full potential doesn’t have to be tedious and overwhelming. Anže Rozman’s “MeHaRyTe” method has been extremely well received by aspiring orchestrators due to its simplistic, yet effective approach, giving a truly effective framework for crafting orchestral arrangements. 

The first volume of Orchestration Reloaded goes in depth into the bread and butter of the orchestra; the string family – and shows you the methods and principles for writing beautiful string passages, no matter how simple or intricate, and so much more. 

Trailer Orchestration

Achieve A Massive Trailer Sound

Dive deep into this short course on creating a powerful trailer cue from scratch. Uncover useful trailer music techniques such as: 

  • Layering to achieve a massive sound
  • Doubling
  • Mixing
  • Keeping your tracks stylized within the trailer music genre both compositionally and in production and
  • Understanding how orchestration can make a huge impact in the quality of your track.

The Trailer Orchestration course by Tim Stoney is perfect for anyone just starting out in the trailer music industry, or for any professional wanting to up their trailer music game.