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My brand-new LIVE and most epic Course Program + bundle offer to date, Composer Accelerator is now open for enrollment!

For the first time ever, I’m hosting this new live program for composers, where you will go through 8 weeks of live sessionsQ&A’s, a full course curriculum together with some absolutely amazing bonuses.

Join my most comprehensive music program to date fixing the biggest issues we face from the theme writing, to track structure, orchestration, mockup, and production –  through weekly live sessions, assignments and personal goal setting.  

The Composer Accelerator will focus on helping you streamline a powerful workflow, mastering the most crucial cornerstones of music production, and eradicating the biggest roadblocks along the way – from inception to finished track. 

In this 8-week live group program, we’re going to refine your process for coming up with interesting compositions, turning them into compelling track structures, creating powerful and balanced arrangements, realistic soulful recordings, and translate this into crisp and rich productions. 

We’ll work on improving all aspects of music creation, all the way from the composing to the editing stage, with the end goal of helping you start and finish more music of higher quality, in less time. 

Let’s crush it!

I’m Arn, I’m a composer, musician and entrepreneur currently living in Los Angeles, I’ve turned my passion of music into a living and meanwhile coached thousands of aspiring music composers, many of which are working in the industry today. 

I believe you can do this too.

Just imagine being able to start new track ideas instantly, and know what to do every step of the way without feeling lost.  


But… I know it’s not always easy to make great musical productions and compositions.

There are so many hats to wear and techniques to master, that the entire ordeal can become very overwhelming and confusing. 

Maybe you feel you’re not being able to come up with interesting ideas, or not being able to turn these initial ideas into full tracks effortlessly.

Or perhaps you feel you’re not being able to create full, balanced and powerful orchestrations and arrangements. , feeling overwhelmed and confused by the long list of skills to master and principles to understand.  

You might have endless unfinished projects on your hard drive that never see the light of day, but you want to deliver the quality clients, libraries and publishers want.

You quickly feel like you’re losing out and might even lead you to avoid sharing your music at all, because you feel it’s not good enough.   

Trust me, I know how all of this feels…

When I started out, I couldn’t at all get my music to sound the way I wanted, and it frustrated me to the point where I deleted the first 5 tracks I uploaded to YouTube because I was embarrassed about the quality.

I couldn’t find any modern, up to date courses or guides that weren’t scattered across 100 youtube videos in different musical styles, that used the tools I used, made the kind of music I wanted to make, and actually from somebody who is doing it professionally, without costing thousands of dollars. 

I eventually started a long and expensive journey of trial and error, and consumed every educational resource I came across. Over the years, after becoming a professional and working on a wide range of projects in different industries, whether it is world star DJ’s, artists releases, major trailer placements, feature films, video games, or advertising campaigns – I decided to assemble guides with everything I learned along the way. 

I focused super hard on just keeping the information that actually delivers results, explained as simply as possible

The approach and methods I’ll show you in this program have been a game changer for me and thousands of students from over 100 different countries to date, and I’m now to take it to a new level with my first ever live group program to help guide people to the next level of their musical journey.

You will never struggle to come up with ideas, or finish them, ever again!

I’ve put together a super simple but incredibly powerful framework that distills some of the most important principles and guidelines for each stage of the process, without making it overwhelming.

I’ve broken things down to the 3 most fundamental and crucial phases of an efficient track creation workflow, with 3 core pillars and guidelines for each stage. 

With this process, you will feel less pressure when starting ideas and unlocking a sense of freedom and curiosity.

Module8-Insights From The Industry

And the best part is, you’ll be able to take part and shape parts of the curriculum and ask questions the entire program.

A quick couple words from some of my students about my methods:

Alex Moukala: “It was an incredible resource and without it I don’t think I would have been as fast in my growth as I was! I now get frequent gigs and can now create tracks like these thanks to Arn showing me so many great techniques and music wisdom:

“By far the best investment I’ve made in my composing journey.” – Corey Farr
“It really helped launch and take off my composing career.” – Brian
What makes this program different?

In contrast to most of our courses and other ones out there, this program is not designed to just dive deep into one specific area alone – but to approach music creation in a holistic way.

The reason is, even though you learn a lot about that one given area – it’s often hard to apply it in your daily workflow if you hit massive roadblocks in the production stages, and can’t piece it all together efficiently and actually finish tracks. 

For example, even if you learn amazing orchestration principles, it’s of little use to you as a composer if you struggle coming up with themes effectively, or later get stuck when trying to structure ideas into a full track.

Therefore, this program is designed to attack and improve the biggest problem areas spread across 8 different fields – giving you the skills to consistently start and finish new tracks effectively and build up your momentum.

Your Journey Through Composer Accelerator

Introductory Phase

Before we begin, we will be getting to know each other, and do a little self assessment exercise to figure out your biggest pain points. You’ll then submit your biggest problem areas, which collectively will be used to customize the topics and curriculum. You’ll also have time to dive into some of the bonus resources and recommended reading before we kick off the live calls. 

Week 1:
Melody Writing & Composition

We will start at the heart of any track; the motifs, melodies and themes. We’ll look at how to start ideas effortlessly, develop memorable melodies, and crafting engaging compositions. 

Week 2:
Harmonic Development

In the second week, our focus will be on improving our harmonic progressions to take our compositions to a new level, breaking out of chord progressions, surprising twists, and telling a story through melody and harmony. 

Week 3:
Track Structure & Dynamics

Once we have a strong theme, we’ll look at how to efficiently and quickly get out of the loop stage and turn our ideas into engaging and dynamic track structures that keep the attention of the listener from beginning to end, and ways to never get stuck again. 

Week 4:
Orchestration & Arrangement

In this week, our sole objective is to master the fundamental principles that allow us to craft balanced, powerful and rich arrangements with any instrumentation, whether it is the orchestra, synths, live instruments or anything in between. 

Week 5:
Ear Training & Musical Intuition

Your ear and intuition are two of your biggest partners when making music, and in this module we’ll sharpen these tools and learn how to make better choices at speed and getting to know music in a more natural and intuitive way. 

Week 6:
Realism, Idiomatic Writing & Soul

Once we’ve got a solid arrangement and track structure, we’ll look at the principles that let us create realistic mockups, idiomatic writing for the orchestra, as well as breathing some life and soul into a track – whether that is live instrument layering, or just making the most out of our samples. 

Week 7:
Music Production & Polishing

In week 7, we’re focusing on ways that we can polish our music productions in order to get the best mixes possible, even if you’re no skilled mixing engineer. We’ll also be polishing our track with details, transitions and other ear candy that makes our tracks pop. 

Week 8:
Workflow, Efficiency, Business & Mindset

In the 8th and last week of the program, we’ll dive into how we can create and maintain a fun, efficient workflow based on discovery and creativity – how to get rid of limiting mindsets that keep us stuck, and talking about my experiences in a variety of avenues in the music business. 

That’s the journey at a glance – Now to the amazing


The Bonuses You Get If You Enroll Now:

To celebrate the launch of this epic program, I wanted to include some bonuses that will become extremely useful as we venture through this journey, giving you a powerful vault of resources and tools to dive deeper into the principles we discuss each week and get better results faster. 

All of these bonuses are added to make sure you the absolute most out of this program. 

Bonus #1: Orchestral Sketching

One of my most wanted courses, Orchestral Sketching, where you’ll learn my unique method of creating amazing orchestral pieces in no time.

This course will take you through the process of crafting your own orchestral sketch template, picking the right libraries and sounds, as well as processing them to sound awesome right out of the box. So that you can just input your melodies, chords, and background elements and get solid sounding mockups in a matter of minutes.

Value: $249

Bonus #2: Arn Andersson Workshop Bundle

These two workshops are focusing on mastering the underlying principles that will allow you to craft powerful orchestrations in any style and instrumentation, and crafting a wall of sound, eradicating muddy and imbalanced arrangements, while breaking out of the “loop stage” and easily crafting engaging, powerful track structures that keep the listener’s attention. 

Value: $199

Bonus #3: Exclusive Sample Bundle

Signing up to the Composer Accelerator program, you’ll not only get all of those bonuses above, but also this epic 3.4GB sample bundle with some absolutely fantastic tools that I personally use daily, ranging from tonal transitions, atmospheres, textures, percussion, SFX and sound design made by myself and Joshua Crispin

Value: $99

Bonus #4: Q&A Sessions

In order to help you in the best way possible, I am fully aware that my knowledge alone isn’t enough. Therefore I’ve set up a couple of live Q/A sessions with some legendary friends and colleagues, where you’ll be able to ask questions about production, licensing, business, sound design, mixing and mastering from talented people such as Anze Rozman, Joshua Crispin, Karel Psota and Austin Seltzer. 

Value: $159

Bonus #5: Evenant VIP Vault

You’ll also get access to our great Evenant VIP video vault of over 10 hours + of valuable content. You’ll find track breakdowns, sketching tips, orchestration principles, MIDI realism, and more – plus a selection of highly relevant videos taken from my other courses to help you refresh on essential topics that will become essential during this program. 

Value: $299

And together with the early access to the live program Composer Accelerator (worth $999), this all comes to a…

Total Bundle Value: $2004

But like I said earlier, I want you to get a great early bird deal to my first ever live group program, so I’m offering Composer Accelerator together with all of these bonuses, lifetime access to all the content, courses and samples for an incredible…

Early Bird: $2004 $599

Seeing as these spots are limited, and this might very well be my final cinematic music course ever, I’d love for you to join this epic journey, get some accountability, overcome your music creation roadblocks, and finally take your music to the heights you always wanted to. 

So what are Our students saying About My Teaching?

With thousands of enrolled students from over 100 different countries, Evenant is a diverse learning community. Our students have gone from beginners to landing their dream jobs and beyond. Here are some of their words:

I know that it may feel like I’m asking you to spend a lot of money, but it’s really a small price to pay compared to what I’ve had to pay directly and indirectly to acquire this knowledge and experiences over the past 5-10 years. 

To put it into perspective, my first months of studying orchestration in order to just get 20% of the arranging knowledge presented in one week of this course – was 10X the program cost alone. Plus, you have our Evenant Money Back guarantee. We only want students who are totally stoked to be in the program.

While it’s good to learn from your mistakes, it’s even better to learn from other’s mistakes so that you won’t have to make them in the first place. I’ve honestly tried to make the program I sorely wish I had access to back in the day. 

I created this product in order to help other people avoid making the same painful and expensive mistakes that I’ve made, and to help people get out of the most frustrating and painful roadblocks that are preventing them from reaching their creative potential. 

Join me as we eradicate insecurities, mental blocks, and lacking skills in order to unlock a period of unprecedented creative output and freedom.

Evenant Guarantee

We don’t want any unhappy students. If we didn’t meet your expectations, get in touch within 14 days of purchase, and we’ll give you every penny back – no questions asked. But we’re so confident you’re gonna dig the program, we’re willing to take that risk. If you’re for some reason unhappy, get in touch within 14 days and we’ll issue you a refund and even let you keep the bonuses. So, see you on the inside?
Read full return policy.

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Arn Andersson Course Author

Arn Andersson

Course Author

Arn Andersson is a Norwegian musician, traveler and creative educator that aspires to empower creatives to produce better art, live better lives and make a living from their passion as the co-founder of Evenant.

He has worked remotely across nearly 30 countries on his nomadic workstation while providing music for various ad campaigns, video games, a Lionsgate feature film, music libraries, and trailer campaigns like Lady and the Tramp, Lego Movie, Cold Pursuit, and Welcome To Marwen. He’s also been a collaborator on tracks for renowned artists such as The Metropole Orkest, Big Time Rush and Hardwell, and continue to work with artists in LA.