Kickstart your art journey today!

Are you a beginner artist?

Want to get a boost in creating great looking artworks?

I get it. I was there too when I started digital painting way back.

Through lots of trial and error, I have been able to turn my passion for art into a living, and can consistently paint artworks like these:

There is so much information out there, and it’s hard to know where to start, and where to find the right lessons for your skill level.

 That’s why I’ve taken selections of key modules from our full Cinematic Design course and other design content from Evenant and gathered them here for you.

And the best part? It’s all free! So sign up today to get started on your journey to becoming an awesome artist.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the course:

  • Gain fundamental design knowledge from industry professionals

  • Learn the basics of creating digital art

  • Use Photoshop tools and tricks to create awesome concept art

  • Simplify your art ideas into powerful images

  • Learn to create epic environments

  • Create better art more quickly with easy speedpainting techniques

  • And much more!

You'll also get an awesome brush pack to paint your epic art with!

What's inside the course?

Module 1:
Getting Started

  • Dive into the world of digital art
  • Kickstart your creative artist mind into high gear
  • Learn the powerful mindsets of successful digital artists
  • An overview of my digital painting setup
  • Learn the basics of Photoshop in 20 minutes
  • My 7-step method for practicing art

Module 2:
Design Fundamentals

  • Learn to simplify your art
  • How to make a study
  • Key fundamental design elements
  • Lean the basics of good composition
  • Create impressive and realistic light and shadow in your art

Module 3:
My Painting Process

  • Learn to create epic environments
  • The fundamentals of creating interesting and unique characters
  • A full digital painting walkthrough of one of my concept artworks
  • Learn to paint rocks and other realistic materials

Bonus Material:

  • Watch a full student paintover
  • Learn to paint a lush waterfall cliff
  • An introduction to the awesome art of matte painting
  • Learn easy and efficient speed painting techniques
  • My five simple ways to make a living as a creator

Also, when you enroll, you'll get access to our awesome community!

The Evenant Community currently consists of over 300,000 aspiring creatives, as well as full time professionals. In the community you can:

  • Ask questions about your course content inside the designated Groups

  • Enter the brand new Forums and discuss everything from art, music, and business, to tips and tricks, gear, and resources

  • Ask for help and feedback when you need it, and learn from others

  • Share your work and lessons learned, and help others excel at their craft as well

  • Get advice from professionals in the industry and learn from their mistakes and expertise

  • Access other free resources and content such as the Evenant Brush Pack and our many free articles

Walid Feghali – Course Instructor

Co-founder & CEO of Evenant, Walid is a Swedish award-winning digital artist, composer, mechanical engineer, and entrepreneur. Travelling as a digital nomad and exploring new opportunities, Walid has always been dedicated to trying new fields of study, exploring, creating, travelling and collaborating.

This has lead him to create artworks for countless clients and compose orchestral film scores for feature films and games, trailer music placements in many Hollywood campaigns such as Independence Day 2, Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Call of Duty, a mechanical engineering degree, and more. The journey does not end here for him!