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Interview with Nicolas Felix

What’s up Evenant! This week, we had the pleasure of hanging out with composer Nicolas Felix! Nicolas is a trailer music composer who has worked with many well-known publishers, including Brand X Music, Dos Brains, C21FX , and is currently working at Chroma Studios.

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Interview with Ivan Torrent

We are extremely excited and fortunate to have the pleasure of hanging out today with epic-music composer and producer, Ivan Torrent! Ivan has worked with a myriad of top-notched production companies, released two studio albums to date, each having garnered millions of views on YouTube, and has emerged as one of the most outstanding epic-music composers within the last several years.

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Creating A Badass Drone – Trailer Sound Design

Alright boys and girls. You know what each trailer sound is made of. You’ve realized that the only way to get to the industry standard is to carefully layer sounds of different nature. Let’s dive in and see this in action as we look at the creation of a killer drone.

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