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Sketching The SIMPLE Way

In this video, I will show you how using angular and “boxy” lines when you’re sketching and drawing can improve the look of your sketches tremendously. It’s also much easier to do!

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Character Design

Making Your Drawings Look Awesome

Hi all you cool artists! Since you guys liked the previous video from my course on becoming great at sketching, I made this video to show some techniques and mindsets on making your drawings look even more awesome.

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Character Design

In-Depth Character Design – Beyond Human Part 2: CHIMERAS

Concept artist David Villegas is the latest to join our ranks as an Evenant Design contributor, and we’re thrilled to present his two-part character design tutorial on his unique setting for Beyond Human. Here, you will learn how to actively use a story’s narrative and setting to influence how your characters will look and feel.

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